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Espais de trobada familiar

des del 2019

The intention is to create spaces of family wealth, where the fundamental rights of children and their parents are better preserved and where moments of high family happiness are cultivated.

We offer shows and family workshops of play, movement and music in the Penitentiary Centers with inmate mothers who live inside the penitentiary with their babies (0-3) and with inmate fathers and their families.




We are convinced that the eternal bet for a loving world where living is taking care of early childhood.

Taking care of early childhood, we invest in the well-being of the whole family and the whole of society.

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We work with:

 · mothers who live with their babies aged 0-3 years in the Women's Penitentiary Center of Bcn.

· inmate parents who are part of the Management and Parental Responsibility Group of the Brians 2 Penitentiary Center.  

Meeting Spaces:

· Casa Anita bookstore garden (Bcn)

· La Melica educational project (Bcn)

·In the Penitentiary Centers for Women and Brians 2.

During the pandemic, we collaborated with the REPTES project of the CP de Brians 2, offering musical workshops where parents recorded a video for their child proposing a musical-percussive challenge and the children responded with another video doing a version of the proposal.  

created and produced with
with the collaboration
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Creation of the scenography of the show NIUS inside Penitentiary Centers


During the process of creating the Nius show, we wanted the scenography to be a deep, transformative experience and at the same time go beyond a stage product.

So, we based the scenography on the works of the visual artist EVA VÁZQUEZ ABRAHAM, looking for the scenography to breathe an aesthetic experience with a high quality plastic dimension.


After designing together with the artist each piece of the scenography according to the needs of the babies and the intention of the show,  we start the process of making it for a whole year with the collaboration of intern fathers from CP Brians 2 and intern mothers who live with their sons and daughters in the Women's CP.

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Selection of the works of the artist Eva Vázquez Abraham that fit with the show.


Adaptation of the works to the needs of the babies and the intensity of the show.


Realization of the scenography with the collaboration of fathers and mothers who live in the prison.


Creation of MEETING SPACES with the families of participating parents where workshops, games and shows were shared to foster family ties.

Nests is an immersive show dedicated to the unique moment of the first 18 months of life.


Set pieces made by intern parents involve learning to knit.


This writing by the artist Eva Vazquez helps to understand the potential behind the act of knitting:

Why knit?

"Life weaves itself.

Nature, the landscape we inhabit, is the fabric of life.

Society is a relational fabric.

Human beings are constantly weaving,

with threads, with words, with images, with musical notes.

We weave language. We create intersections and networks that connect and link us.

The ancestral act of weaving carries implicitly a very deep meaning that goes beyond the act itself and the woven object.

Knitting connects us to the essence of life. Everything is connected, interwoven.

Individuals do not exist in isolation, we are millions of connected points.

We are part of the fabric of infinity

which is life weaving itself.”

 The objective is to link this collective in an artistic process, living the experience of being part of the creation of the scenography of the NIUS family show that everyone can enjoy.

At the same time, each of these pieces of scenography bear witness to his little-known family reality.


During the sessions, we establish an intimate atmosphere where we share family longings and wishes, giving space to what unites us: brotherly love. Leaving aside the prejudices and the very diverse realities we live in.


These are the stage pieces that were created for the NIUS show

These are the stage pieces that were created for the NIUS show

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Designed and produced with Eva Vazquez i 
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Info elPetit centre penitencaris

Penitentiary Centers participate as venues for the elPetit Festival


A family with children living with a prison in between has few opportunities for artistic experiences as a family. That is why we started this project to promote the fundamental right to enjoy art whatever our family reality. 

The Brians 2 and Women's Penitentiary Centers will be the Festival's new venues from 2021. They understand that they are spaces with family needs.


2021 i 



The Festival's programming extends inside and outside the Penitentiary Centers so that fathers and mothers deprived of their freedom can enjoy with their families workshops and shows from around the world in a standardized way. 

Art of the 5 senses workshop in the maternity area of the CP de Dones where mothers deprived of their freedom live with their children aged 0-3 years.