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Our Journey

NIUS arose from the desire to make a musical show for babies that brought art closer to their way of living in the world. And the world gave us the chance to share this creative moment with families who love, miss, laugh and cry like everyone else, but with a prison in between.

/ 2019-20

·Nests show: Scenography creation at the Brians 2 and Women's Penitentiary Centers (CP) in Barcelona.

·Family workshopswithin the maternity area of the CP for Women

·Family workshopon Family Day at CP Brians 2

·Family workshopinside the Scheduled in the courtyard of the Casa Bookstore

Anita from Barcelona

·Participation inthe exhibition(D) collateral years + Presentation

· Startdocumentary creationINVISIBLE NESTS

NIUS show



·Premier Mostra d'igualada'21

·Presence at the elPetit'21 Festival and FIET'21

Acts in 2021-22:

Granollers Auditorium


Atrium of Viladecans

Atlantis of Vic

Horta Teatre and al  Teatre Escalante de Valencia

/ 2021

·Creative workshopsBrians 2 online

·Family meeting spacein the courtyard of Escoleta la Melica in the neighborhood of Thanks to Barcelona


·Creation of new headquartersfromelPetit Festivalof the CP of Brians 2 and Dones de Barcelona

·paper"Art, family and confinement" in theelPetit Festival

·Family App designwith the GGERP

/ 2022

·Looking for fundingfor the documentary and the family App


·Co-creation and co-productionof the opening ceremony of the route

of Brians 2 communications


·SPOON Sound installationcreated within the social project "laSala 360º" 

·Seats at the elPetit Festivalof the CP of Brians 2 and Dones de Barcelona

/ 2022

·Realization of the documentary INVISIBLE NIUS

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