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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a statement that discloses part or all of the practices of collection, use, disclosure and management of data from users and clients of a website. Comply with the legal requirement to protect the privacy of a user or client.

Each country is governed by its own laws, with different requirements in each jurisdiction regarding the use of privacy policies. Make sure you comply with the legislation applicable to your activities and location.

In general, what should a privacy policy include?

1. What type of information do you collect?

2. How do you collect the information?

3. Why do you collect that personal information?

4. How do you store, use, share and disclose the personal information of your website visitors?

5. What communication do you have with the visitors of your website (if you have it)?

6. Does your service address minors and collect information about them?

7. Updates to the privacy policy

8. Contact information

You can consult this onearticle from the Help Centerto receive more information on how to draw up a privacy policy.

The explanations and information provided here are only general explanations, information and examples. You should not consider this article as legal advice or as a recommendation about what you should actually do. We recommend that you seek legal advice to understand and draw up your privacy policy.

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